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Female Intermediate Toning and Strength Cycle

Week Anavar Masteron P HGH
1 10mg ED 25mg EOD 2IU ED
2 10mg ED  25mg EOD 2IU ED
3 10mg ED  25mg EOD 2IU ED
4 10mg ED  25mg EOD 2IU ED
5 10mg ED  25mg EOD 2IU ED
6 10mg ED  25mg EOD 2IU ED
7 10mg ED 2IU ED
8 10mg ED 2IU ED
9 10mg ED 2IU ED
10 10mg ED 2IU ED
11 10mg ED 2IU ED
12 10mg ED 2IU ED
  • Testosterone is not often used due to rate of virilization, meaning body hair growth and deepening of the vocal cords
  • Females can achieve the same goals as men with the use of Testosterone
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