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Anadrol 50mg


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Anadrol (commonly called by athletes “A50” or “A-bombs”) was initially developed as a compound to help people with anemia, and has since been used very successfully to aid people who are suffering from many other diseases where weight loss is a concern. Thus, it is clearly an effective agent for promoting weight gain, increasing appetite, gaining strength, and increasing Red Blood Cell count.

What is an Anadrol Cycle? How much should you use? Well, this is actually one of the most interesting facts about Anadrol 50. Most steroids produce what we call a “dose respondent curve” which is a fancy way of saying “the more you use, the more you gain.”

Anadrol is one of the few steroids where the dose respondent curve flattens out very quickly. When you take 50mgs of Anadrol, you’ll make some very good gains. When you take 100mgs of Anadrol, you’ll make even more gains. However, it has been found that 100mgs/day is as effective for weight gain and increasing appetite as 150mgs/day but produces less side effects and was less toxic to liver . The jump from 50mgs to 100mgs constitutes an acceptable rise in benefit vs. risk to most BodyBuilders but this is not the case as dosages get over 100mgs per day.

As an interesting side note, some of the medical literature on Anadrol suggests a dose of 1-5mgs per every 2.2 pounds (1kg) of bodyweight. Ill pause a second here for you to figure out how absurdly high of a dose that would translate to for the average bodybuilder! Most common is 100 to 150 mg per day, although 50 mg per day is shown to produce good results with few sides.

Make no mistake about Anadrol, it is very effective if used correctly at the right dose for you, unfortunately that usually consist of trial and error to get to that level with your body.


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